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Code uglifiers: Sourcecode-protection for PHP and Javascript

With our code uglifiers (obfuscator) for PHP and Javascript you are able to protect the sourcecode of your PHP/Javascript applications. The uglifiers remove all unnecessary spaces, tabs, linebreaks and comments. The sourcecode will be formated to a specified line width and becomes therefore virtually unreadable (for humans). Additionally, our PHP uglifier can alter the names of local variables inside functions. PHP-strings can be converted into escaped octal numbers.
Since the original function of the code is left intact there is no need for changes on the target runtime system (e.g. special PHP modules to execute encoded files). However, the protection is weaker compared to true binary encoders.
Feature overview:
  • Code uglifiers for PHP and Javascript
  • No changes on the target runtime system required 
  • Versions for Win32 and Linux i386 glibc2.2
  • Command-line tools, therefore easy scripting or integration in your build/deploy process (even for larger projects) 
  • Destination line width selectable 
  • Alternation of local variable names inside functions (PHP uglifier only)
  • CVS/copyright-information may left unchanged (PHP uglifier only)
  • NEW: strings can be converted into escaped octal numbers (PHP uglifier only)
Sourcecode before code-uglify:
Sourcecode after code-uglify:
Please contact us for more information. You can download demo versions on our download-page. You can also test the uglifiers online. We're looking forward for your questions, feedback or comments!

Update available!
Download demo-versions for Win32 and Linux.
Code-uglifier live online test available...
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